By flickering light or electric, pick the mood.

A 3- or 5- candle holder illuminates the dinner table, mantel, or even the piano. We've heard that multiple stave candle holders have even been used in a cabin for a cozy evening or when the electricity goes out in a snowstorm. 

A metal ball made from barrel rings transformed into a hanging light with Edison bulb. This look is modern, industrial, and very chic. Hang this over your dining room table or illuminate your shed. 

Wineplanks pieces are created from recycled oak barrels, originally used in the making of some of the finest wines in Canada. 

The subtle colours and characteristics in the wood are produced by the wine penetrating the oak, which in turn imbibes flavour into the wine. 

Every piece is handcrafted, giving each its own unique personality.

100% foodsafe

Beautiful & elegant.